Incredible & Unimaginable Talent: Matt Steffanina

Jun 21

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Matt Steffanina has quickly catapulted himself to the forefront of the dance industry. Whether it be TV, Commercials or Movies, Hip-Hop sensation Matt Steffanina has become the dancing industry’s most coveted choreographer. Collaborating with many iconic dance personalities and hosting a famed YouTube channel with over 1.5 billion views and counting, it is no doubt that Steffanina is the inspiration and role model for many! It is this passion for dance and expertise that Matt Stefannina will be bringing to the grand finale of Dance USA Dance. 


Matt grew up playing all kinds of sports and participated in many snowboarding competitions. Upon noticing break-dancers, he developed a keen interest in dancing right from and he started to teach himself how to dance at the age of 13. He says it was the coolest thing he ever saw. For six years of learning dance by himself, Matt decided to move to LA and to further pursue his passion for dance.


At the age of 18, Steffanina shook up the dance floors with his b-boying prodigy skills. B-Boying, a form of street dance was becoming popular across the United States at that time. With his b-boying talent, he got the opportunity to mentor a dance crew from the University of Virginia as a choreographer.


In pursuit of his dream and passion, he moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Matt's talent was recognized by celebrities across Hollywood and he soon collaborated with artists such as Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Jermaine Jackson, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Tyga for various projects. He also appeared in popular television shows like "The Tonight Show", "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Step Up".


In 2012, Steffanina started his YouTube channel "Dance Tutorials LIVE" on which he posts Hip-Hop instructional videos for dance aspirants. His YouTube channel has earned a lot of subscribers and most of his videos have gained an unbelievably high number of views. Innumerable fans and dancers following Hip-Hop throughout the world have revered Matt for his zeal and spirit. The aim of the channel is to ensure that those who may not have a dance institute nearby or enough financial resources to take regular dance classes can learn through online dance classes accessible on his channel.


Within one year, "Dance Tutorials LIVE" won over 10 million views with acclamations and praises coming from pulp media and dance companies around the world.


He has also started a channel named "Matt Steffanina" which is exceptionally popular among dance enthusiasts. His channels and social media impressions tremendously elaborate on his astonishing dance and choreography skills. In his videos, Matt uses the most popular songs and music videos and uses his expertise and experience to re-create them with his own street styles, giving those sequences his own signature to be followed by the learners.


Steffanina is active on social media with an immense fan following on Instagram and Twitter. With over 1.5 billion views & hits, and over 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Matt has connected with dance aspirants across the globe.


He was engaged to Dana Alexa in 2012. Dana is also a dancer, choreographer, and model. In 2015, the couple became the winner of the 28th season of a popular CBS reality show, "The Amazing Race". This significantly boosted Matt's popularity as an international star. Currently, Matt gives weekly hip-hop classes at Millennium Dance Complex and IDA Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. He also teaches at dance forums and master classes around the world.

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