Interview: Graceful Dancers

Oct 31

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Where making a Golden ticket entry to the Semi-Finale of DUD Season 2 lends credence to their prowess, Graceful Dancers look forward to the event counting on their co-ordination and brimming energy levels. Check out further to know more.

Q: How does it feel to get to the Semi-Finale? What kind of audience reactions fuels you?
A: Unbelievable because our team was amongst the youngest of entrants. We like the audience that is participating. A few words of or few gestures of appreciation are always good.

Q: How many hours do you practice a week?

A: 7-9 hours

Q: Which style of dance do you think is your strongest and why?

A: Kids have been dancing on happy and foot tapping Bollywood numbers so far but we would like to do concept or theme based dance.

Q: Do you have an Alpha/Captain/choreographer in the team? 
A: Ekta Singh is the lead instructor and director at Sharadalaya Dance School in Orlando FL and interacts on Facebook through her page 'Sharadalaya Dance Classes' and the group called 'Indian Dance Classes in Central Florida'

Q: Your views on why it is important to have a platform for dance?

A: A performer always needs a platform to showcase their talent to gain good exposure and overall experience. That also boosts self-confidence and an ability to learn from mistakes to become better in future.

Q: What moves and inspires you most about dance?

A: The internal happiness and the fact it is the most beautiful way of expressing oneself.

Q: What do you think the team did right to be able to win the Golden Ticket?

A:  They were highly confident and thoroughly enjoying their dance without any pressure.

Q: One thing you learnt from other participating team?

A:  Their good coordination and high energy levels were commendable.

Q: What are you focusing on for the Semi-Finale performances?

A:  To be the dance not just to the dance. We want to focus on expressions, coordination and good energy levels.

Q: Who is supporting you the most for this event? 

A: Our friends and family

Q: Does your dance group have a dedicated social media account?

A: you can reach us on Facebook page : Sharadalaya Dance classes.

Q: What is the one thing you love about Dance USA Dance Season 2? A: The grandeur and preparation level. Kids love the fact that they are going to be on TV.

Thank you Team Graceful Dancers. We wish you all the best. Readers, keep watching McDonald's Dance USA Dance Season 2 TV-series, every Saturday at 8 pm EST only on Zee TV USA and keep supporting us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. (Watch Promo)


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