Winners 2018

  • ABC Bhangra
  • ABC Bhangra
  • Namrata
  • Bollybeat
  • ABC Bhangra

TEAM Pictures

  • A B C Bhangra
  • Arya Junior
  • Arya Senior
  • Bhangra Blazer
  • Bolly Beat
  • Judges
  • Live2 Dance
  • Messy Hair Dance Group
  • Nupur Dancing
  • PCIPA - Junior
  • PCIPA - Junior2
  • All Performers
  • Seattle De Sitarey
  • Dance Tantra- Afreen
  • Dance Tantra- Senior
  • Team - Red Steppers
  • Voilet Steppers

Judge 2018

Kumari Suraj

Widely known as the waacking ambassador and globe trotter, she is leading the way for Dance fusion and education. She has shared her unique dance blend to enthusiasts in 30 different countries across six continents, focusing on a mixture of Waacking, House, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and Vogue.

She has launched the International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival (a.k.a. the Waackfest) in 2010. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the waacking queen Kumari suraj!

Judge 2018

Joyce K. Paul

Joyce K. Paul is an Indian classical dancer and exercise physiologist. Classically trained in Bharat Natyam, she has also trained briefly in Mohiniattam, the classical dance of Kerala. Paul had her initial dance training under the Bharatanatyam guru, Leela Samson. She is the founder and the Artistic Director of Arpan set up in 2003 in Redmond, WA.

Paul received her dance training under Bharatanatyam guru, Leela Samson, Prof. J.Janardhanan and Prof C. V. Chandrashekaran at Kalakshetra. She started her teaching career by teaching private Bharatanatyam classes as early as 1990 with the blessings of her Guru (Padmashri) Leela Samson. She taught classes to corporate clients during the years 1996 to 1998 doing seminars on communication using dance as a body language. She has also assisted teaching (Bharatanatyam classes) at Kalashram Trust, New Delhi, founded and directed by Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Bala constantly works on developing and perfecting the style that would be seamless and fluid while yet retaining the precision, power and purity of line - typical of classical dance. As a Professor of Practice, Bala is constantly developing “Performing studies” in collaboration with Theater and Dance, History, Philosophy, Linguistic anthropology and South Asian Departments of various Universities in the United States and served as Fellow and Artist in Residence at The Carl A fields Center@Princeton University.

Paul has performed extensively over the last 17 years. In 2003, she performed in "Dance to the Music" at Town Hall,[7] In 2004 and 2007, she performed at Utsav [8] and she also performed for Seattle's Partners in Preservation Initiative.

Have questions about competing?

  • Eligibility
    • Dance USA Dance - Season 2 is only open to teams (minimum of 5 dancers)
    • Junior category 6 to 12 year.
    • Senior category 13+ year.
    • Minor must be accompanied and have legal sign off by a parent or legal guardian.
    • Participants who are affiliated with or have any personal or familiar relationship with any staff members of 5678 Media Group or the judges for this event must disclose this information at the time of entry or as soon as such affiliation or relationship becomes known to the entrant.
    • 5678 Media Group reserves the right to determine that any individual participant or group is ineligible due to their affiliation or relationship with the staff of 5678 Media Group or the judges for this event.
    • 5678 Media Group reserves the right to make exception to this rule in the case of medical or other unforeseen emergency circumstances.
    • 5678 Media Group reserve the right to supplement or waive any eligibility requirements at their discretion.
  • Registration process
    • Dancer Registration : Regionals 1) The teams that will be competing in regional competition will process their information and payment through after creating an account for each dancer. 2) Each dancer will pay one time registration fee, NO OTHER FEES will be required by the dancer to enter the competition. 3) Once their account is created the team and the team has registered through they will receive a detailed email for regional competition. 4) It is team’s responsibility to cover transportation and accommodation 5) Two teams will win in each city and proceed to the semifinals in NEW YORK.
    • Registration Fee: With Popular demand Early bird special $60 till April 10th
      Number of dancers per group Price in usd
      5 to 10 $95 per dancer
      11 to 20 $85 per dancer
      21 and above $75 per dancer
      Note: Each dancer can access their document and get the latest information by logging into their account on
  • Style and Music
    • Dance groups may perform any recognized dance style.
    • All performances must bring in a CD and/or USB with the song you are performing to containing a (.MP3) file. NO OTHER FORMS OF MEDIA WILL BE ALLOWED
  • Judging Criteria for National Dance Competition at Final Event
    • For each event, a panel of judges decides team scores the judges panel will consist of a minimum of 4 judges and 1 influencer. All judges will meet the eligibility, training, judge skills level, and requirements set forth by the Dance USA Dance Event Producers.
    • All performances at the Final Event will be judged based upon the following criteria: 1) Routine: 25% 2) Synchronization: 25% 3) Choreography: 20% 4) Presentation: 20% 5) Voting :10%
    • Teams scores will be based on a maximum score of 100.
  • Pre-show packets: (Semifinals and Finale)
    • Dance USA Dance Tour team will provide a Talent Packet to each group’s primary contact. The packet includes your check-in time, show line-up, example score sheet, and other vital information pertaining to the event. Talent packet will only be provided to the qualifying teams for semifinals after qualifying round.
  • International Teams
    • For any teams joining the competition from outside the United States, the team, and it's members are responsible for their Visa's, Transportation, and Lodging.
    • Any required paperwork for Visa's will be provided by the Dance USA Dance (5678 Media Group) team
Dance USA Dance ® is registered trademark of 5678MediaGroup