Dance USA Dance is creating the first ever global dance platforms that brings together talent from all corners of the world, to the land of opportunity. We aim to unite the world in a time where millions want to share their voice, and showcase the best talent on one stage. We explore some of the most important topics that are affecting cities across the world, and teams will dance to represent their city and to promote a cause most important to them. We believe that Dance USA Dance will empower every individual to take a step to make the world a better place.



Dance USA Dance was created out of a need to educate. We wanted to illustrate the minorities in the US faced some very important issues, and to do that, we chose an artistic medium. Comprised of diverse individuals from all walk’s of life, DUD was a collaboration between artists, entrepreneurs, and philosophers.


Get ready for another year of lights, love, colors, and music during the second season of Dance USA Dance. Dance USA Dance is a competition that brings together participants from all over the world onto one stage.

Dance USA Dance features professional choreographers who will mentor participants during their pursuit of the championship. This competition is all about dancing to the beat of the heart with peace and harmony and allowing participants to voice their opinions about who they are and what they believe in.

In a time where differences are being highlighted we want to bring everyone together and celebrate who we are, our uniqueness, and our oneness. Our vision is to be able to tackle challenging issues by bringing people from all around the world onto one platform. Where there is dance, there are no differences.


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