Nov 12

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Trained in Indian classical dance forms like Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, PCIPA Rockstars pursue storytelling through different styles of dance be it semi-classical, Hip-Hop to contemporary. With their group synergy and diligence, PCIPA looks forward to the next level in semi-finale. Let's meet them.

How does it feel to win? What kind of audience reactions fuels you?

We feel happy & thrilled! It feels very satisfying that our hard work got its reward through the Golden Ticket to Dance USA Dance. Attentive audience and their clapping and cheering felt very encouraging to us!

Tell us the collective years of experience of your team?

Some of us have been part of PCIPA Rockstar Team since its inception in 2013 and some of us joined the team about 2-3 years ago.  So all of us who are competing at DUD Season 2 have been with each other for about 3 years now.

How many hours do you practice a week?

Depending upon the season, we practice anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a week.

Which style of dance do you think is your strongest and why?

Some of us are training in Indian Classical Dances like Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam. So that definitely is our strong point. PCIPA also nurtures storytelling through dance, so we pick different styles of dances like semi-classical, folk, lyrical, contemporary and Hip-Hop (Bolly-Hop) for these kinds of performances. We believe our strength is in bringing different dance elements together while sharing a thought or a message.

Do you have am Alpha/Captain/Choreographer in the team? And his/her social media handle.

Yes. Our choreographer is our teacher. Her name is Prashanthi Chitre.  Her Insta handle is @iPurePeace and PCIPA’s Insta ID is @pciparedmond

Your views on why it is important to have a platform for dance?

It motivates us to learn more and make ourselves better every time. It is like an exam. When we learn and perform to an audience, it helps us face our fears and build internal strength and confidence upon the completion of that performance. With that encouragement, we are further motivated to learn. Also having a platform and a goal helps us work together as a team towards that goal and in the process we end up building very strong bonds with each other. It is a very joyful experience overall.

What moves inspire you most about the dance?

Graceful moves, Hip-Hop dances and Acro tricks inspire us.


What do you think the team did right to be able to win the Golden Ticket?

We think our classical training and technique, the synergy of the group, synchronization and our intention to give our best probably got us the Golden Ticket.

One thing you learnt from other participating teams?

We learnt that we should continue to work hard because we always have room for improvement. Lots of other teams are very good at different dancing styles, so we want to learn those styles as well. One of the adult teams in Seattle were awesome with their energy throughout their dance, we want to build our strength and stamina to keep our energy also so high during performances.

What are you focusing on for the grand finale performances?

We are focusing on building our strength and stamina, improving our technique, and expressing and emoting emotions deeply.

Who is supporting you the most for this event? 

PCIPA and our Parental Units

What is one thing you love about Dance USA Dance Season 2?

We are very happy that DUD chose to come to Seattle and is now giving us an opportunity to compete at the national level and that too in NYC. We are very excited about this opportunity!

Thank you Team PCIPA Rockstars. We wish you all the best. Readers, keep watching McDonald's Dance USA Dance Season 2 TV-series, every Saturday at 8 pm EST only on Zee TV USA and keep supporting us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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